Decoding Treachery


This is a book about a method Dr. Dale Tunnell employed during his research in writing Resurrecting the Dead.

We are bombarded with lies from 10 to 250 times a day, and the worst possible feeling is when one learns they have been used and victimized by a lie. Lying has consequences. The impact of someone attempting to cause you harm by lying to you can be devastating.



What’s more, institutions you learned to trust from a young age have become untrustworthy and wield power for the sake of their benefit and not yours, if even considered. Victimization occurs because of deception, and I wanted to do something about it. You see, the pain of being lied to and being used can be overwhelming. It became my mission in life to not only uncover lies but to help other people unmask lies as well. This book is a presentation of a program called SHIELD Analysis and it will provide the reader with a skill that is absent in 95% of all Americans.
It’s a quick read and very impactful.


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