CODENAME: Language Inquisitor


Lying has consequences, but generally for the one deceived. Advertisers, salespeople, media, and politicians often use some form of deception to conceal information. Even more critical, institutions you learned to trust from a young age have become untrustworthy and wield power for the sake of their benefit, and not yours.



They attempt to modify your behavior by lying to you, causing you to believe narratives which are not valid. Politicians and media commentators are famous for deception and concealment. In today’s environment, one only needs to listen for a few moments, and you can discover all types of falsifications in their speech.

You cannot turn on a television without hearing a media pundit or a politician lying about their plan to supposedly help you. They conceal their real plans, and they are most often self-serving.

And the fact-checkers are just as bad. Depending upon which direction they lean, liberal or conservative, you will get a slanted and often untrustworthy opinion.

Come along with the Language Inquisitor and unmask the language of these liars.


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