The Disgrace To The Profession


The “Hockey Stick” Graph Of Global Temperatures Is The Single Most Influential Icon In The Global-Warming Debate, Promoted By The UN’s Transnational Climate Bureaucracy, Featured In Al Gore’s Oscar-Winning Movie, Used By Governments Around The World To Sell The Kyoto Accord To Their Citizens, And Shown To Impressionable Schoolchildren From Kindergarten To Graduation.



And Yet What It Purports To “Prove” Is Disputed And Denied By Many Of The World’s Most Eminent Scientists. In This Riveting Book, Mark Steyn Has Compiled The Thoughts Of The World’s Scientists, In Their Own Words, On Hockey-Stick Creator Michael E Mann, His Stick And Their Damage To Science. From Canada To Finland, Scotland To China, Belgium To New Zealand, From Venerable Nobel Laureates To Energetic Young Researchers On All Sides Of The Debate Analyze The Hockey Stock And The Wider Climate Wars It Helped Launch.


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