For Melania, cautious return to spotlight?

Extremely discreet in the White House and even more reserved since leaving Washington, Melania Trump is keeping observers guessing whether she will appear, however warily, on the campaign trail alongside her husband. Aloof and enigmatic, the Slovenian-born former model has been noticeably absent as husband Donald Trump makes his third bid for the White House. […]

‘White Silence is Complicity’: NPR’s New CEO Sounded More Like an Activist Than a Journalist in 2020 Tweets

NPR’s new CEO, Katherine Maher, shrugged off widespread looting and property damage during the 2020 riots, saying it was “hard to be mad” about the destruction. “I mean, sure, looting is counterproductive. But it’s hard to be mad about protests not prioritizing the private property of a system of oppression founded on treating people’s ancestors […]

The Reagan-Trump Roadmap

“My idea of American policy toward the Soviet Union is simple,” Ronald Reagan told Richard Allen, his future national security adviser, in 1977. “We win and they lose.” Reagan lived to see his policy come to fruition when the Soviet regime collapsed 14 years later. A new foreign policy roadmap by Matthew Kroenig and Dan […]

Lucky Joe

I have known Joseph Epstein for almost 40 years, but until I read his autobiography, I was unaware that he is not only one of the great essayists in English literature but also an amateur juggler. That makes sense, because no one juggles words better than he: They fall in surprising ways and make you […]

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